Windows 10
für sehbehinderte Menschen
Eine unabhängige Verbraucherinformation
für Menschen zwischen sehend und blind

Make Windows 10 accessible!

Low vision users need screen magnification to see the display
and need sreen reading for reading longer texts, but do not need to hear everything
what is shown on the display. Can people handicapped by low vision use Microsoft
Windows Version 10? It is difficult to test this before buying an product key.

Following the recommendations of this site you will have success using the desktop
known from earlier versions of Microsoft Windows..

Step by step to accessibility!

Microsoft Windows / 10 offers features to make the operating system accessible
for low vision users - the same tools known in Windows 7.
The problem: The new >Metro Design< makess it difficult to use the computer by
 low vision users. When Microsoft published Windows 8, it seemed to be an
 obligation to use Metro Apps. But this is not true. Microsoft has learned.

Low cost for software

In contrast to the previous versions XP and Vista, Windows 8 no longer
requires high investments for software to make it accessible. Some tools are
integrated to Windows 10, other are available for no or little money. If costs are
incurred, rather then for hardware, especially for new graphics cards and new

Visual impairment is different!

Low vision is not like another low vision. Different problems  will be solved differently.
 Blind users need a powerful screen reader and the connection of a Braille display.
Accessibility for blind users will not be discussed here.


The author welcomes your feedback. Hints and tips will be integrated to this site.

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